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Make modifications to your extreme weight loss exercise program if you're just starting out.

If your weight loss exercise program is truly a good one, it will offer you options for each set of exercises. Modifications show you how to lose weight at your own pace and fitness level. The exercise and weight loss videos in P90X®, for example, include a trainer track, where instructor Tony Horton gives you a constant feed of tips for making each routine a little easier or more difficult. All of the best weight loss programs should include this handy mode of play!

Even the weight loss exercise program Insanity, dubbed the most intense home fitness program ever produced, has been created to allow for modifications. Insanity is a how to lose weight program? Yes, these are weight loss DVDs. Again, the best weight loss programs and extreme fitness videos, like INSANITY® and P90X, allow you to adapt the exercises to your level of fitness.

Another tip for extreme weight loss exercise programs is to check if there is a specific setting of play for newbies, or a specific schedule of workouts laid out for people trying to lose weight. Check for "How to Lose Weight" tabs in your guidebooks or in the calendar of workouts, if your program comes with such a calendar or planner. Extreme fitness weight loss DVDs that include plans specifically for shedding pounds will vary from plans for sculpting and building lots of muscle. Still, these are the best weight loss programs you can find because the weight loss programs will be replacing fat with muscle, but will probably focus more on other routines, like cardio.

In the P90X weight loss exercise program, the option of schedules for someone wanting to focus on losing fat is called P90X Lean. The guidebook tells you how to lose weight following this workout schedule, which varies from the P90X Classic and P90X Doubles plans. The guidebook to the P90X weight loss videos says: "P90X Lean is for those who want a more cardio-based and slightly less intensive program. What you sacrifice in overall gains in strength and speed, you'll make up for with positive changes in lean body mass." It's one of the best weight loss programs because it utilizes more cardio exercises and less resistance for maximum weight loss.