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Healthy Weight Loss Programs and Eating Plans, Home Weight Loss Exercise DVDs

Arm your healthy weight loss program with some secret weapons! (And you're sure to win that battle of the bulge.)

Sifting through healthy weight loss programs to find the one that's right for you is the first, vital step in becoming the trimmer, new you. Once you've found your weight loss DVDs, there are some other smaller steps that can help you along the way. To your program's healthy eating plan and challenging exercises, try adding one, two, or all of our secret weapons in your battle of the bulge. These tools fit with home weight loss programs and don't require a lot of money or space in your home gym!

Document your healthy weight loss program with a trusty journal. You'll be sweating to weight loss videos each day, and eating differently, so you'll want to be able to look back and see what changes you're making, specifically. Journaling your healthy eating plan will help you keep track of what foods work for you and what don't. And for exercises in home weight loss programs, a journal can chart your progress in each set of routines.

Healthy weight loss programs are the beginning of a lifetime journey of fitness. When you journal the weight loss DVDs you're using, you'll see your improvements, and gain invaluable encouragement to keep pushing on. Also, your new healthy eating plan is bound to bring you some hunger pangs and frustrations, and it's great therapy to write down these feelings, as well as your successes when you see that new weight on the scale. Home weight loss program creator Chalene Johnson, in the TurboFire® guide, says it best: "To eat better, write about it."

Another secret weapon for healthy weight loss is the humble tape measure. The progress from your weight loss DVDs can literally be measured, and a tape measure gives you daily or weekly readings of how you're doing. Remember, good programs mix healthy eating with rigorous exercise, and some of that exercise should also be strength training, so your home weight loss program can yield results, not just in your waist, but also in your arms, biceps and chest. These great exercise programs will leave you measuring your new buff body to record the total inches lost.

Several healthy weight loss programs from Beachbody® come with tape measures, including Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer®, and the high-powered TurboFire. If your weight loss videos are really making you feel good, and your tape measure is showing terrific results all over your body, you might also want to snap some "after" shots of your new physique. That healthy eating plan and all those exercises are combining to make a new, sculpted you, and for even more inspiration you can send in a "before" photo and then an "after" photo to the Beachbody message boards. The photos prove your home weight loss program is working, and will inspire others to continue too.