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Healthy vs. unhealthy weight loss programs.

If you're considering new, healthy weight loss programs, there are a few things you'll want to look at before diving in. The choices for weight loss DVDs can seem daunting. But before starting a healthy eating plan, it's essential to weigh (pun intended) what constitutes a healthy versus unhealthy one. To help sift good home weight loss programs from not-so-good ones, take a peek at the breakdown below.

To start with, healthy weight loss programs must always include exercise. Weight loss DVDs promising to shed those pounds with just diet are selling you short, and in the long run, not going to do much good. A healthy eating plan is half of the answer to permanent weight loss. Look for home weight loss programs with both eating plans and exercise routines for lifelong health and fitness.

To this point regarding healthy weight loss programs, the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics note that "successful and permanent fat loss programs incorporate lifestyle changes that include appropriate habits of diet and exercise that are practiced for a lifetime." Weight loss DVDs and programs geared solely toward dieting might get the weight off now, but you need a lifestyle change to keep it off for good. A healthy eating plan that is "balanced, healthy, and easy to follow," gets the OK from the National Institutes of Health. For home weight loss programs, you might also consider the NIH idea to "look for one that is based on regular physical activity and an eating plan."

A not-so-healthy weight loss program might be one that has you focusing on eating one food, and only that food. For weight loss videos or weight loss class, the University of Iowa asks you to inquire, "Does the diet advise you to eat an excess of any one particular food or nutrient (for example, grapefruit, cabbage, or protein)?" A healthy eating plan is a plan that includes a variety of options to fuel your body. Home weight loss programs or dieting classes based on this method, again, aren't setting you up for healthy eating options throughout your life. Beachbody's healthy weight loss programs all offer a combination of rigorous exercises and smart eating featuring a variety of food options. The weight loss videos in 10-Minute Trainer®, for example, come with a "10-Minute Meals" mini-guide for healthy meals in little time. And a healthy eating plan is a large part of TurboFire®, which includes the "Fuel the Fire" nutrition booklet. These are comprehensive home weight loss programs that feed your body what it needs to keep hitting the routines to get you fit, not just thin!