Home Weight Loss Programs

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Healthy weight loss programs are led by experts.

Another indication of a healthy weight loss program is knowing that it's been designed by someone, or an organization, experienced in the health and fitness field. Anyone can create weight loss videos. But your healthy eating plan and exercise routines should originate from nutrition and exercise professionals, educated in safe weight loss for men and women from beginner to advanced levels of fitness. Check out your home weight loss programs and see what organization has produced them, and who is leading the routines.

TurboFire Beachbody's healthy weight loss programs are designed by fitness gurus with authoritative backgrounds. Tony Horton's weight loss DVDs are based on his decades of fitness expertise, and Chalene Johnson, the designer of TurboFire®, is an award-winning exercise instructor. Their programs include healthy eating plans that fuel participants' engines, and these weight loss and fitness plans are based on what they've learned from leading classes for years. For home weight loss programs that you can trust, remember these names.

A healthy weight loss program will also keep you engaged, and offer support, versus an unhealthy weight loss program that just prescribes exercises or just a diet, and then leaves you in the cold. Weight loss DVDs or programs that offer peer or trainer support along the way will give you better results, and certainly help your mental journey. Beachbody's healthy eating plans and fitness routines all come with access to the Team Beachbody® Message Boards, where you'll find hundreds of peers and staff trainers to chat with whenever you want. Because home weight loss programs shouldn't leave you stranded after you pay for the DVDs!