At Home Cardio Workouts

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Stay motivated in your home cardio program: Six secrets to success!

You've committed to home cardio exercises, and that's a terrific first step to a new, fitter you. To keep that at home cardio workout from, in any way, becoming humdrum and something you dread, we offer you some easy tips. Even the best home workout can be daunting if you're not inspired. As you follow your cardio DVDs, keep these half-dozen ideas in mind.

One way to enhance home cardio exercises is to grab a friend and take the cardio plunge together. At home cardio workouts with a buddy give you instant support, even when you or your workout partner don't feel like working out. The best home workout is one that keeps you coming back, and that can be accomplished if you've got someone there who will faithfully encourage you as you sweat through those exercises. Cardio videos are much harder to keep on the shelf, unplayed, when you've got a workout pal who wants to reach personal fitness goals as well.

Another tip for keeping home cardio exercises inspiring: Work out in your workout pal's home. With someone to share at home cardio workouts, now you can try alternating the routines in each other's living rooms (or wherever your friend likes to exercise at home). Because the best home workout is in a home you're comfortable in, you can trade every week or month. Cardio DVDs are portable workouts, and this way, you're not always the one moving your furniture around.

A third motivational idea: Home cardio exercise programs are now linked to online communities. Beachbody's at home cardio workouts link you to thousands of exercisers just like you, who are experiencing exactly what you're feeling during your sweat-filled routines. The best home workout can go down a little easier when you're sharing your ups and downs with peers, and you can do this by logging onto the Team Beachbody® Message Boards. There you can discuss cardio videos, trade words of encouragement with other members, and even get questions answered by Beachbody's fitness experts. You'll find motivation for cardio workout routines among the many others who are sharing their fitness journeys.