At Home Cardio Workouts

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For motivation in home cardio exercise workouts, try a little variety!

This home cardio exercise suggestion is an essential workout tip. Make sure your at home cardio workouts are routines packed with variation. A trait of the best home workout is that it offers a variety of ways to hit those high intensity levels that you need to burn those calories quickly and efficiently. Besides, cardio videos that keep hammering the same, exact routines are going to bore you eventually.

10-Minute Trainer An example of a home cardio exercise routine that mixes things up? The P90X® at home cardio workout, Cardio X. It's one of the best home workouts because it combines several different exercises, from the jumping of plyometrics to kenpo to yoga, all in one aerobics disc. Other cardio DVDs that use a lot of variety in their routines are TurboFire®, which combines kicking and punching with dancing, and 10-Minute Trainer®, which uses resistance bands as you work your cardio system.

A fifth tip for home cardio exercises: It's vital that you find a program that engages you! Your at home cardio workouts should be tough and push you, without doubt. But your best home workout DVDs should also be, as trainer Chalene Johnson says in the introduction to TurboFire, "Something you look forward to. Something you do for you." TurboFire is an engaging cardio DVD program in part because of Chalene Johnson's energetic positive attitude, and it's also a fun class, complete with music and fire alarms!

For keeping motivated during home cardio exercises, a final idea is to change up the mode of play on those cardio DVDs. Some at home cardio workouts, like those from Beachbody®, offer you several play options, which can be a kick to change if you're finding yourself needing a boost in inspiration. One of the best home workouts is P90X, which offers a "music on" option, so if you're tired of hearing Tony Horton direct you through your cardio routine, you can hit this, and just hear the DVD's soundtrack along with cues telling you when and what to do. Another cardio DVD mode on this program is "silence with cues," which mutes the music but leaves on the cues to hit the exercises, so you can turn on your own stereo and crank the tunes that inspire you to burn those calories away!