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Home cardio exercises are a smart way to get in shape, whatever your personal fitness goal. Before launching into your home cardio workouts, take our handy quiz below. The best home workouts are informed workouts, and home cardio programs still carry some misconceptions. So plug into our cardio DVDs questions before you hit play on those routines!

Doing the same home cardio exercises over and over will yield the best fitness results. True or false?

For at home cardio workouts, or any workout, whether inside or outside, the answer is "false". The best home workouts—and all exercise programs, in fact—utilize variation in their scheduling. Your cardio videos need to include different ways of working out the same muscle groups, or in this case, different ways to challenge the cardiovascular system.

TurboFire Home cardio exercises that do repeat the same exercises exactly throughout the program don't work as well as programs that constantly change things up. The at home cardio workout TurboFire® employs what the program's creator, Chalene Johnson, dubs "cardio confusion." It's considered the best home workout because it keeps your body guessing what's coming next. Johnson's cardio DVDs use a lot of variation, from kicking to punching to dance moves!

Why do home cardio exercises need variation? Because at home cardio workouts that only feature one or two kinds of cardio exercises allow the body to adapt to those exercises. The best home workouts don't give your body this opportunity, and that's better for you, because you burn more calories when your body hasn't adapted to the same cardio routines. Cardio DVDs that include a variety of moves will help you break through those fitness plateaus, help melt through more calories, and offer more fun home cardio workouts.