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I'm doing a great cardio program, so I can eat as much as I want!

"When I do home cardio exercises, I can eat anything, and as much as I want!" True or false?

For at home cardio workouts, we wish this was true, but it's also a big false. Even the best home workouts won't get you to that dream weight, and get that more buff, new you when you're not watching what you eat and controlling portions. Your cardio DVDs, no matter how good, are just part of the answer to great fitness.

Home exercises DO burn through more calories than more sedentary activities. Vigorous at home cardio workouts can burn 533 calories an hour for a 165-pound adult, according to the Mayo Clinic, which is about 200 more calories than an hour of moderate walking. The best home workout, no matter how rigorous, should be combined with a smart eating plan, too. And cardio videos that also include strength training are an even better bet as they build muscle, and muscle burns more calories.

Home cardio exercises that utilize high intensity intervals will help me get thinner faster. True or false?

This is actually true! At home cardio workouts that are not based solely on endurance cardio routines can help you shed more weight faster, even after the workout is over. The best home workout is one that employs fast drills that push your body to all it can take for a few seconds, up to a full minute. These cardio DVDs, such as TurboFire®—which uses fast, high intensity Fire Drills—get your metabolism pumped, and will keep it pumped for hours after the entire workout is over.

Home cardio exercises are not as fun as class in a gym setting. True or false?

This is false! At home cardio workouts, like TurboFire, can be a better experience than a crowded gym. The best home workouts reach out and pull you into every routine, and Chalene Johnson's DVDs are set in a classroom that feels more like the hottest nightclub. The soundtrack to her cardio DVDs even includes music by Akon, Flo Rida and Tina Turner.