Best Calorie Burning Cardio

Fat Burning Cardio and Interval Exercises, Fat Loss Workouts, and Weight Loss Programs

Get fitter with the best calorie burning exercises when the big 5-0 is just around the corner.

Turning 50 soon? The best calorie burning exercises can have you fitter than you've ever been in your life. It's true; the best cardio to burn fat can help whip you into shape in just a few months so you'll show off a more buff you at the big bash. Programs with cardio interval exercises can work wonders for any age, men or women. Why cardio for fat loss workouts? Because it's how to burn calories efficiently, and you might even have some fun along the way.

For the best calorie burning exercises, cardio programs that take you into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are really going to give you fast results. Many people think the best cardio to burn fat exercises are endurance programs, such as running or hours on the treadmill. But HIIT, based on cardio interval exercises, will help get you in shape quicker than lower intensity endurance-based cardio activity.

A list of best calorie burning exercises compiled by the Mayo Clinic notes that vigorous aerobic activity burns 533 calories an hour for a 160-pound person. So one of the best cardio to burn fat methods is HIIT. In fact, cardio interval exercises can cut the time recommended to spend on moderate aerobic activity in half, according to a report by the Department of Health and Human Services as reported by the Centers for Disease Control. Fat loss workouts like TurboFire®, which uses HIIT-based Fire Drills, can get you burning fat up to nine times faster than other routines.

These best calorie burning exercises can also help fight looking older, so if you're a man or woman about to hit the big 5-0, and concerned with looking younger, this is a great time to try out a HIIT program. The best cardio to burn fat produces spikes in human growth hormone (HGH), a naturally occurring substance that can make you look—and feel—younger. Cardio interval exercises are the source of the spike in production—not so much low-intensity workouts, however. So these fat loss workouts could have you saving hundreds on anti-aging creams!