Best Calorie Burning Cardio

Fat Burning Cardio and Interval Exercises, Fat Loss Workouts, and Weight Loss Programs

The best cardio programs to burn fat are a path to better health, in many ways.

For men, the best calorie burning exercises can be a springboard to get in shape in other ways. Guys, let the best cardio to burn fat program ignite a spark to better health all over. For example, cardio interval exercises can lead to some other exercises that can help you in the bedroom. In addition to fat loss workouts, you can do other exercises that can help you become the only guy in your golfing party who's NOT discussing those little blue pills every time you hit the links. (Tony Horton's Blog)

Along with the best calorie burning exercises, there are exercises you can do to increase your virility. In addition to the best cardio to burn fat that reduces the beer belly, you can do exercises that can get your lower regions in shape for a romantic evening. In between your cardio interval exercises, try male kegels, or clenching your pelvic floor muscles—that inner penile muscle—for 10 seconds; then relax. It's not a fat loss workout, but a very personal strength training routine that trainer Tony Horton recommends, and he cites a recent study that says 40 percent of men with erectile dysfunction (ED) who did this exercise for six months regained normal function.

Your best calorie burning exercises should be rotated in with strength training too. Strength training and the best cardio to burn fat make a perfect match for dropping the pounds. With cardio interval exercises, additional muscle will help you burn fat even faster. During fat loss workouts, that new muscle mass is like gaining a bigger engine to burn the fuel, so you can expend more calories.

Strength training alongside the best calorie burning exercises is especially important as we age. The best cardio to burn fat programs rotate these exercises, too (take P90X® for example). Cardio interval exercises that include weight training not only burn fat better, but the strength training will help in the fight against osteoporosis by increasing bone density. (National Institutes of Health) So make your fat loss workouts comprehensive cardiovascular programs that will take you from 50 to 100 with a fit body!