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With the best calorie burning exercises, losing weight together: Some tips for couples taking the cardio plunge.

Taking on the best calorie burning exercises can be a tough road all by yourself. A good idea, for the best cardio to burn fat programs, might be to head down that road with your significant other. Those high-powered cardio interval exercises that you need to blast to hit your HIIT—high intensity interval training—level of exertion can be brutal alone. Jump into your fat loss workouts as a team, and you'll have someone to sweat with that you know and love.

Before you start the best calorie burning exercises, first give each other a huge hug or a high five, depending on how you roll. Diving into the best cardio to burn fat together is not only a physical bonus to you both; doing cardio workouts together will help strengthen your relationship. Whether it's cardio interval exercises, or another program, it's a relationship-savvy idea to do these workouts as a team. If you do fat loss workouts alone, there may be a chance that your significant other might feel left out, or, worse, sabotage your efforts. Showing each other how to burn calories through a new cardio program includes your partner in the process, and that can only lead to better results.

For guys, during the best calorie burning exercises, be sure to push your gal to go for that burn! Men might jump into the best cardio to burn fat with everything they've got. But for the best cardio to burn fat to work, she'll need to be pushing herself to the max, as well. For cardio interval exercises that aim for high intensity interval training, this is especially true. These high-powered fat loss workouts only work if you're going for that burn for the full 30 seconds to one minute. This is how to burn calories, so guys, teach her how to grunt, yell, and push herself when those Fire Drills go off during TurboFire®.

Ladies, in between the best calorie burning exercises, if he's stacking up on the food, give him a reminder. Even with the best cardio to burn fat, he's not going to drop the pounds if he's not also watching what he eats. Cardio interval exercises mean little if he's still pounding down the grub. Fat loss workouts are only half of the equation in the fight against fat.

The best calorie burning exercises should be done in combination with a newer, healthier eating plan. Women know that the best cardio to burn fat and a smart eating plan go hand in hand, according to new research from Weight Watchers, but men tend to think it's only about the exercise. Those fat melting cardio interval exercises will bring faster results with smart eating. So for successful fat burning workouts to work, ladies, remind him that food is also a factor.