What Is Cardiovascular Exercise?

Fat Burning Exercise, Cardiovascular Exercises, and Cardio Workouts for Beginners

Cardiovascular training is more than aerobics.

Cardiovascular training is the foundation of all strength and fitness. Cardio workouts build the heart, improving the flow of blood and oxygen, increasing strength and endurance. Cardio for beginners prepares the body to tackle more demanding exercises. The best cardiovascular exercises build lean muscle while burning away fat. When asking yourself "what is cardiovascular training?", you are really looking for a way to train your whole body, because nothing happens in isolation.

Cardiovascular training is not just about doing dance moves or climbing a stair stepper indefinitely. Cardio workouts are about getting the heart rate up through movement. Cardio for beginners can be improved using heart rate monitors, which allow men and women to calculate the intensity of their fat burning exercise. The best cardiovascular exercise pushes you to your maximum heart rate for your age, burning more fat during a workout. However, following old-fashioned workout videos for traditional aerobic exercises alone is inefficient at creating overall fitness. More efficient fat burning exercises get results sooner for a beginner by using muscle building exercises done at a high enough intensity to get the heart pumping.

TurboFire Cardiovascular training doesn't have to be complicated. Cardio for beginners can involve simple moves, but you have to work up to better fitness. Chalene Johnson's TurboFire®, an intense 12-week cardio conditioning program, starts with some questions to assess your fitness level. If you're asking "exactly what is cardiovascular exercise?", a prep schedule helps you learn the moves while burning fat, losing weight, gaining fitness, and conditioning your body. With the right workout DVDs, your body will respond better as you train at the right fitness level. The best cardiovascular exercises require a learning curve, and Chalene Johnson's videos will teach you how to do each move correctly to get the maximum burn. The interval cardio training beginner can eventually tackle what Chalene Johnson calls Fire Drills, the high intensity interval exercises that help strip away fat by pushing you as hard as you can go for 30 seconds to one minute, followed by a short period of less intense exercise.

Even cardio for beginners can be taxing on joints and organs. The workout DVDs offered in 10-Minute Trainer® are another good place to start. A recent study of fat burning exercise showed that one 10-Minute Trainer cardio workout burns as many calories as 30 minutes of jogging, through a process Tony Horton calls the Super Stacking™ Technique—using exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. The best cardiovascular exercises are also working the upper and lower body. Tony uses a variety of high intensity fat burning exercises that can be done in your living room with no equipment. Cardio for beginners utilizes simple kicking, lunging, and punching moves to build functional muscle while increasing your heart capacity and burning fat.