Cardio Videos and Aerobic DVDs

Aerobic Workout DVDs and Low Impact Cardio, Advanced Cardio Exercises and Workouts

Tips to make the most of your cardio DVDs.

Jumping into new cardio DVDs? Well, investing in energetic aerobic videos was a smart first step. But there's more to cardio exercises at home than just plugging those DVDs into the player and preparing to pant and sweat. Your advanced cardio workouts can yield greater results mentally and physically if you go in knowing a few helpful tips ahead of time.

Before firing up those cardio videos, it'€™s a good idea to get into a good mental space. Aerobic videos ask a lot of your body, and you want to make sure your head is prepared for the challenges. Cardio exercises at home are fun, yes, but the best home cardio workouts are just as punishing and rewarding as a run outside, or more so in the case of Beachbody'€™s intense cardio workouts! Precede your advanced cardio workouts with a vigorous shake-out of all the bugs in your head—the day'€™s problems, the things you have to do after your workout. Whether you're following low impact cardio videos or high-stepping kickboxing, it's important to clear your brain and focus on your cardio time.

TurboFire Approach your cardio videos or DVDs with a clear mind and open ears. Your aerobic video instructor is a teacher, and you should be ready to listen and learn. Cardio exercises at home are still cardio exercises in a classroom setting, so be an active listener. If you'€™re doing very advanced cardio workouts, don'€™t be afraid to replay an instruction, slow it down, or better yet, if you're following Beachbody® programs, turn on the trainer track or the program introduction for detailed instructions and tips.

For your cardio DVD workouts, it'€™s also important to stay positive. Aerobic videos aren't quiet, somber productions, and your attitude shouldn't be either! Dive into those cardio exercises at home with a positive attitude, and train your mind to be upbeat. Along with your advanced cardio workouts, trainer and TurboFire® creator Chalene Johnson suggests that you "practice saying kind and encouraging things to yourself" to keep from getting down. Your low impact cardio videos or super-energized fat burning advanced cardio exercises will be a lot more rewarding when your mind'€™s not pulling your body down with negatives.