Cardio Videos and Aerobic DVDs

Aerobic Workout DVDs and Low Impact Cardio, Advanced Cardio Exercises and Workouts

Working your cardio DVDs requires high octane fuel!

Turbofire TurboFire Your cardio video exercises require energy, and you get energy from food. So during your aerobic DVD program, don't starve yourself! Successfully fit people do cardio exercises at home, and they also eat. Particularly if you're doing advanced cardio workouts that involve High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as with TurboFire®, or taking on the explosive Cardio X routine in P90X®, you need that fuel for those short, fast bursts of power.

But for your cardio DVDs and videos, remembering to eat doesn't mean eating all the time, or eating whatever you want. You might even find aerobic videos go down better on an empty stomach, and save the snacking for after the workout. You plan your cardio exercises at home with a specific time and date, so a good idea is to also plan ahead what you eat, including that (light) post workout snack. If your advanced cardio workouts are going well, you might even find those cravings for sugary, fatty treats dissipate. The best cardio DVDs include the latest advice on the nutrition plans that fuel your body while supporting your weight loss goals.

As you do your cardio DVD workouts, there's something else to keep in mind. Remember, you're doing these aerobic videos for YOU! Your cardio exercises at home are for your benefit and to meet your goals, not somebody else's. All of those advanced cardio workouts are aiming toward an improved you, and even if these home cardio exercises are challenging, tough, grueling routines, they should still be something you look forward to doing.

Finally, your cardio DVDs don't have to be your only source of physical activity; feel free to get out and do more in your everyday life. You're following those aerobic videos and DVDs to get into peak condition, so why not take your body out where you can show off that cardio? In addition to cardio exercises at home, enjoy a bike ride to work, a walk to the grocery store, or mowing your lawn. All of these fat burning cardio exercises will burn even more fat and add to the quality of your life. Or, in addition to your cardio exercises at home, try a night of dancing—say a salsa lesson—that will really test your improving cardio system, in a fun way. After your first advanced cardio workouts, you'll probably find yourself floating right into that dancing lesson with ease and flair.