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Five myths about cardio DVDs.

Cardio DVDs—aka aerobic workout videos—have gotten a bad rap over time, mostly because of a lot of misconceptions that these workout videos just aren't extreme enough to produce fat burning workouts. But today's intense aerobic videos can provide knockout workouts year-round that can challenge the most hardcore athlete. And cardio exercises at home can be done in any kind of weather to boot! Still, some common advanced cardio workout myths might be holding you back, so let's look at five of those right now.

One misconception about cardio DVDs is that they're only for women. True, aerobic videos and classes in the '80s mainly targeted women. But the cardio exercise at home programs produced now are inclusive, and you'll see the classes in Beachbody® programs occupied by both men and women. These advanced cardio workouts are intense fat burning sessions that have appeal to both genders.

The best cardio videos may be taught by either gender. Those early aerobic videos were mainly led by female movie stars. Now, intense cardio exercises at home can be taught by ripped fitness trainers like Shaun T, a former track star, who runs intensive cardio drills in his INSANITY® program. And the advanced cardio workouts from buff fitness expert Chalene Johnson will have you on the way to a better-looking body!

Another myth about cardio DVDs is that they won't get you as fit as cardio performed outdoors. Aerobic videos can be just as intense and grueling as a run through the woods, though, or even more punishing. Cardio exercises at home, such as TurboFire®, don't rely on just endurance based exercises. TurboFire utilizes the advanced cardio workouts known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which push your body to its maximum cardio efficiency in short, powerful blasts of energy. These advanced cardio workouts also employ a mix of exercises so that your body is performing many different types of moves, preventing a fitness plateau.