Cardio and Aerobic Videos

Advanced Cardio Workouts Videos, Cardio Exercise DVDs, and Low Impact Cardio

Cardio DVDs can give you total fitness.

People still might think cardio DVDs can only improve your cardiovascular system. Again, those first aerobic videos were primarily concerned with burning fat and getting your blood pumping. Those cardio exercises at home programs may have included some stretching, if you were lucky. Today's advanced cardio workouts are much more comprehensive, and can even build muscle!

The cardio videos in P90X® and 10-Minute Trainer® are part of overall workouts designed to push your body in a myriad of ways. And the aerobic DVDs in TurboFire® are combined with other exercises, too. Chalene Johnson's cardio exercises at home rotate with strength training, yoga, and routines created to improve agility. These trainers see advanced cardio workouts as part of an overall fitness plan for lifelong health.

Another misconception regarding cardio DVDs is that these advanced cardio workouts are just the same routines, over and over. These kinds of aerobic videos can get repetitive and boring, to be sure. But cardio exercises at home from Beachbody® are built around variation of moves, because mixing up exercises is a key to pushing past plateaus. In Beachbody's advanced cardio workouts, there's also a trainer track option that lets you make adjustments to vary each routine, so you don't plateau or get bored.

A last myth: that cardio DVDs are just not as interesting as a cardio workout outdoors. It's true that aerobic videos don't provide you with the scenic view you'll get from a run through a forest. Still, cardio exercises at home have their own interesting and fun rewards, like music. There's nothing like doing advanced cardio workouts to some of the hottest, pulse-pounding pop songs topping the charts, and with TurboFire, you've got plenty of great sounds to help push you through the burn of an intensive cardio workout.