Best Cardio Exercises

Best Fat Burning DVDs and Cardio Videos, Home Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight

After grueling cardio exercises take your new body down to the beach.

The best cardio exercises have kept you and your DVD player humming with exercises to lose weight. Armed with the best cardio workouts, you've pounded the pavement and burned up the miles on the fitness bike. And after all of that fat burning exercise, it's time for a reward. So you've scheduled a trip to the beach to show off your newly improved body and commune with nature.

Cardio DVDs and the beach may not mix well (there aren't a lot of electrical outlets on the sand), but the fitness workouts don't have to stop when you're down by the shore with other fantastically fit men and women. Cardio exercises can be practiced on the beach, giving you a chance to have fun in the sun, enjoy the fresh ocean air, and maybe even connect with the earth while doing low impact cardio exercise.

Also, with the cardio DVDs from Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer®, you'll find workout flashcards perfect for training away from home. Workout videos like 10-Minute Trainer, P90X®, INSANITY®, and TurboFire® prepare your body to make the most of a day at the beach. One of the best cardio exercises is walking, and some people believe that walking barefoot on the sand connects you with the earth's powerful energy, as well as being one of the best cardio workouts.

As a fat burning exercise, walking on the beach works well, and you can adjust the intensity by simply walking toward or away from the water, as well as increasing or decreasing your speed. Cardio DVDs and home cardio exercises are an awesome way to stay fit so you can really enjoy walking barefoot on the sand next to crashing waves. For low impact cardio exercise, the sand works well, too. The sand will be more firmly packed near the waves, so it's easier to walk on, though still much softer than pavement and more forgiving on the joints.

For a tougher fat burning exercise, move away from the water and try running in soft sand for a fitness High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout like the ones you get in the Beachbody® workout DVDs. The best cardio exercises all have their advantages, and one advantage of beach walking is that your feet get worked and stretched out in ways that just don't happen when wearing shoes.

When you're practicing fat burning exercise, one of the challenges of walking on the beach involves finding a flat stretch of sand. The earth tends to slope toward the water, so that you're walking at an angle, but usually there's a fairly flat area to use for workouts. Unlike with cardio videos, Mother Nature must be factored into the fitness equation at the beach. For safety reasons, you want to be aware of whether the tide is moving in or out if you're going for a lengthy walk or run, which the sand makes a low impact cardio exercise. If the tide is moving in, make sure that there is plenty of real estate between you and any cliffs, or you could literally find yourself with nowhere to go when the waves keep rolling in.