Best Cardio Exercises

Best Fat Burning DVDs and Cardio Videos, Home Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight

Adapt your best cardio DVD workouts to the beach.

With even the best cardio exercises, sometimes more upper body work is called for. For the best cardio workouts with strength work, simply walk into the water and swim or body surf for awhile. Or, for fun, fat burning exercise, bring along a boogie board or surfboard. If cardio videos dominate your workouts and you're unfamiliar with the ocean, take the time to educate yourself about it. Also thanks to your home cardio exercises, you'll find that you're in better shape to swim with dolphins and other ocean creatures you may encounter.

Also, get the best cardio workouts of your trip by trying your home workout exercises to lose weight on the soft sand. The familiar fat burning exercise will feel fresh when you're on the beach instead of in your workout room watching your cardio videos. Again, doing home cardio exercises at the beach means you'll have the extra challenge of sloped sand while doing your intense or low impact cardio exercise.

To do a workout video routine, you may need to dig in so that you have the stability and balance needed to do a workout from a DVD such as INSANITY®, P90X®, 10-Minute Trainer®, or TurboFire® in the sand. To enjoy the best cardio exercises at the beach, it's worth the effort. Push through your best cardio workouts and exercises to lose weight while you enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and sounds of crashing waves. And while doing exercises to lose weight, maybe you'll get lucky and feel a spiritual connection to the earth's power or spot a school of dolphins.

During breaks from fat burning exercise, be sure to take plenty of pictures, with your camera or just with your mind. While watching cardio DVDs back at home, those images will come in handy when you're stuck inside during a fierce winter snowstorm, trying to summon up enough motivation to get through your home cardio exercises. In your mind, performing your fat burning exercises can always be a day at the beach.