Best Cardio Workouts

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With the best cardio exercises, climb over plateaus.

You've used the best cardio exercises to firm up and boosted your fitness with exercises to lose weight. Thanks to these home cardio exercises, you're looking better and feeling better. But despite your best cardio workouts, you're tired of the same old routine and a little bored, and maybe your weight has even begun to creep up a bit. You've hit a cardio workout plateau. And despite constant fat burning exercise and focus on proper rest and nutrition, you can't move past it.

Even with the best cardio DVDs, enthusiasm can fade when progress stops coming as quickly as it once did with home cardio exercises. Whether you're doing home cardio exercises, bicycling, running, whatever—if you do the same fat burning exercise time after time, you likely will end up stranded on a fitness plateau at some point. Even constant use of workout videos with the same routines sometimes can't prevent a plateau.

Despite the best cardio exercises, athletes tend to end up on plateaus for four reasons:
1) Overdoing it with the best cardio workouts and other exercises.
2) Underdoing it with exercises to lose weight and other workouts.
3) Failing to recover from fat burning exercise, often by not getting enough sleep.
4) Eating too much or too little.

Even the best cardio workouts can't totally control the body, which hits plateaus because it's always trying to regulate itself, even when you're not trying to lose weight. The more you do fat burning exercise and try to change the body's habits, the more it pushes back to try to stop those changes. The key when using cardio DVDs is to push the body just enough to produce positive changes, including releasing beneficial hormones. So push yourself with home cardio exercises, but not so much that the body can't recover. Mixing in low impact cardio exercise might help when planning your rotation of workout DVDs.