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A great cardio goal: Try a triathlon!

You're doing the best cardio to lose weight, and you're seeing and feeling results, like a smaller waist and better endurance in your daily activities. Now, look past the best cardio to burn fat, and start picturing yourself sweating toward a new goal: a triathlon. After all, your advanced cardio workouts should be taking you somewhere you've never gone before, and challenging your body in new ways. All of that cardio at home can be taken outdoors, and applied to all three events in a triathlon.

The best cardio to lose weight has already prepared you for some of what you'll encounter in your first triathlon. Now, to move to the best cardio to burn fat program, you'll need to make some adjustments, follow some savvy tips, and take on some additional exercises. After all, even with advanced cardio workouts under your belt, you don't want to be scraping your way to that finish line on your hands and knees. Your cardio at home has set up a foundation of fitness that you can build on, and you'll be ready to bike, swim, and run your way into your personal record books!

Your exercises in the best cardio to lose weight program should have your cardio system prepped and ready to take on more. And the best cardio to lose weight will help you in your triathlon training for sure. Advanced cardio workouts are great training, and those people who can't make it across the finish line tend to be people who have jumped in with little or no training at all. So a cardio at home program like TurboFire®, or the cardio routines in P90X®, should have your body ready to begin.

Triathlon training is the best cardio to lose weight for sure. It's also the best cardio to burn fat and train all of your muscles. As you do your advanced cardio workouts for a triathlon, you'll want to make sure that your first triathlon is a realistic one for your body. Work out with your cardio at home routines as normal and add in the rest of your triathlon training, but realize that not all triathlons are the same, and that your first one should challenge you but not kill you! Cardio DVDs that help you train for triathlons will tell you that for your first one, you should set your sights on a triathlon with events that are within your range, like a triathlon with a 5K run, a 15-mile bike race, and a shorter swim.