Best Cardio to Lose Weight

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For your first triathlon, get in gear!

For the best cardio to lose weight and to be able to complete a triathlon, one of the first things to do is make sure you've got the proper gear, and that the gear you have is tuned and ready to go! After using the best cardio to burn fat, you'll be ready for race day—just also make sure your bike is tuned for the day. The grueling advanced cardio workouts of at least two of the events, biking and running, will also take a toll on your shoes, so make sure they can handle the running and the pedaling.

After losing weight with the best cardio DVDs, you'll be in swimming shape—but make sure you're ready for an outdoor swim if you're not doing an indoor triathlon. Swimming outdoors can be the best cardio to burn fat but can be a shock to your system. For this outdoor advanced cardio workout in the water, you'll likely need a warm wetsuit, unless your first triathlon is in Hawaii! Water-based cardio at home or in the pool at the gym won't acclimate your body to the chilly waters of a fall swim in most locales.

TurboFire Train for your triathlon with the best cardio to lose weight programs like Chalene Johnson's TurboFire®, which kicks up the heat to help get you in top shape. Johnson's best cardio to burn fat routines are based on high intensity interval training, or HIIT. It's an advanced cardio workout method that will prepare your body by pushing your cardio system to its peak point in fast, high-powered bursts. Interval training in a cardio at home program builds stamina and will push your body into becoming more fit than ever.

In addition to the best cardio to lose weight, another way to keep you going during your triathlon training is to maintain an accurate training log. As you do the best cardio to lose weight, keep track of your new routines in a journal or in an online training diary. These are more than advanced cardio workout records, though. Your cardio at home journal should go beyond just noting mileage, distance, and time; it should also relay what you're feeling and experiencing physically and mentally, as you prepare yourself for the big day!