Best Cardio to Burn Fat

Advanced Interval Cardio Workouts, Home Cardio DVDs, and Fat Burning Videos

Interval training: The cardio secret to burning fat.

You've discovered the best cardio to lose weight, and you're seeing results that you like. But for the very best cardio to burn fat, you may need a different level of program or training than what you're currently doing. Advanced cardio workouts will take you to that next level, to burn the remaining fat away more efficiently. And for cardio at home, or outside, nothing sheds those pounds faster than interval training.

This best cardio to lose weight is a method trainers have used to train advanced, elite athletes so they can get to that next level. Interval training is the best cardio to burn fat, too. Advanced cardio workout fitness experts know that working out solely at an aerobic pace—those long, slow, steady jogs or cardio routines—will burn fat. It's just that these cardio at home programs and endurance-based jogs won't burn fat as quickly as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

What makes HIIT the best cardio to lose weight? The best cardio to burn fat comes from these short bursts of energy, followed by a brief, lower intensity set. Advanced cardio workouts like this work because these routines break down blood sugar and body tissue—which sounds bad, but it's not, as this tissue is replaced by muscle tissue. A cardio at home program that uses intervals, then, can produce rapid change in your body.

The best cardio to lose weight helps you burn calories not only during a workout, but afterward, too. The best cardio to burn fat, HIIT, produces what's called an AfterBurn Effect. Advanced cardio workouts like this ignite your metabolism, and keep it going for hours after your workout. Cardio at home workouts that use intense interval training, in fact, may keep burning calories at an accelerated rate for one to two days afterward.

So the best cardio to lose weight is cardio that keeps your metabolism going and going. The best cardio to burn fat for those more advanced in their workouts is a routine that incorporates HIIT, such as TurboFire® with Chalene Johnson. Chalene Johnson's advanced cardio workouts go beyond traditional aerobics classes, and hit that HIIT mark. This cardio at home DVD program can burn up to nine times more fat than those basic aerobics classes.