Best Cardio to Burn Fat

Advanced Interval Cardio Workouts, Home Cardio DVDs, and Fat Burning Videos

Intense interval training breaks through cardio plateaus.

The best cardio to lose weight can also get you through your exercise plateaus. Your old best cardio to burn fat program might have gotten you fit. But to move to advanced cardio workouts that push you to the next level, you'll need to vary your cardio routine. Whether you're doing cardio at home to a DVD program or running outside, if you're finding yourself comfortable with your cardio, then it's time to move up!

With the best cardio to lose weight—cardio that utilizes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)—you'll be on your way to a new level of fat burning activity. The best cardio to burn fat is known by marathon runners. For advanced cardio workouts, marathoners will push themselves to run faster for a couple of miles. Your cardio at home can do this same thing, if the program makes the most of HIIT.

The best cardio to lose weight programs rely on intensive intervals and push you out of your cardio comfort zone. But the best cardio to burn fat routines don't have to be as dull as sprints on a track, or a hard, two-mile run. Chalene Johnson's advanced cardio workouts mix kicking, punching, and dance moves for a workout that's anything but boring. Johnson's cardio at home program features a high energy soundtrack to keep you pumping through those fat melting intervals, too.