Advanced Abdominal Workout DVDs

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Tips to take on an advanced abdominal workout DVD.

Congratulations! With your abdominal workout DVDs, and all of your dedication and sweat, you're seeing a buffer stomach now. Because of those abdominal workout exercises, you're even starting to see some definition developing. Your abdominal training has moved past the beginning and intermediate stages, and you're entering a new zone. Your newest, best ab workouts will take you to the advanced stage—to those washboard abs—in no time now, and here are a few tips to help you close the deal.

Your abdominal workout videos have been the guiding force in your flatter, sexier stomach. And those home abdominal workout exercises should keep you shredding, for sure. Now, in addition to abdominal training, it's a great time to add cardio training to your lifestyle. Because the best ab workouts aren't always about the abs, specifically.

Along with your abdominal workout DVDs, cardio will give you more overall fitness. This fitness will support abdominal workout exercises, especially your more intense ab work. To your abdominal training, rotate in some biking, running, or other cardio activity. In fact, since those best ab workouts have brought you to the verge of super-fitness, you'll feel like doing more and more. To your advanced ab routine, keep adding anything that supports your overall fitness to feel better and support those emerging abs.

Another workout to complement abdominal workout videos could be some new, intense cardio program that's based right in your home, like the TurboFire® DVDs that push your body to burn those remaining fat cells during a workout, and afterward as well. Other non-abdominal workout exercises you could take up are drills to work on your agility and flexibility. Shaun T mixes abdominal training with both of these routines in his high-powered INSANITY® program, for a terrific overall workout. INSANITY splices the best ab workouts in with regular variation to help get you in elite physical shape.