Advanced Abdominal Workout DVDs

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Vary your abs DVD routine to prevent injury.

Advancing in your abdominal workout videos means pushing yourself, but not punishing yourself. During these harder abdominal workout exercises it's important to keep an eye on form, especially if you're increasing your reps or adding new ab exercises. Those abdominal training fundamentals can slip away, and you could experience a painful setback. The best ab workouts are those where abs work is performed along with functional training exercises, which will help stave off injury from overwork.

Change up your abdominal workout DVDs, too. Using a variety of abdominal workout exercises will keep your body from adapting to the same routines. Your advanced abdominal training is all about changing it up and perfecting what you know. The best ab workouts give you several exercises for each set of muscles

Also, your abdominal workout videos should include some balance exercises. Abdominal workout exercises help build your core, and tossing in some balance work on a ball will help keep your body centered. Abdominal training can only benefit from the additional balance routines. And the best ab workouts include some of these exercises, as well as agility exercises, for a comprehensive workout.

To give your abdominal workout videos that final push toward ripped abs, it might be time to set some new goals for other parts of your body. You have goals for abdominal workout exercises, so now it might be time to set up cardio, strength, and agility goals as well. Your abdominal training can only benefit from variation and periodization, and if you have concrete markers for your other workouts—like taking on a 10K road race, or a 20-mile bike race—that can only enhance your overall fitness. The best ab workouts can only get better when combined with other forms of fitness.