Best Beginners Six Pack Abs Workouts

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Six pack abs workouts can be fun: Wait, what??

Picture a six pack abs workout. When you imagine the best way to get a six pack, does your mind race with men and women grunting through seemingly endless crunches? Clear those images, because beginner ab workouts don't have to be horrible, or horribly boring fitness experiences. Ab work, especially with ab workout DVDs from Beachbody®, can be fun.

Yes, six pack ab workouts can be fun; you read that right. The best way to get a six pack is the way that keeps you engaged, even through the most grueling sessions. If you're starting beginner ab workouts, engaging is absolutely vital, as it's your first experience with these exercises, and you don't want to give up. Invest in motivational ab exercise DVDs, and check out these other ways of making that long road to a perfect four, six, or eight pack a little less gruesome, and a little more fun.

Before diving into your six pack abs workouts, start out with a happy dance. Dancing is one of the best ways to get warmed up before an abs workout (or any workout, truly.) If you're just beginning ab workouts, or even if you're an advanced ab burner, dancing helps, as it not only energizes the limbs, it awakens and activates your core. Dance before playing your ab exercise videos.

For six pack abs workouts, hip hop dancing in particular can help that area. Someone who knows the best way to get a six pack is Shaun T, the man behind the INSANITY® and Hip Hop Abs® workouts. Shaun was new to beginner ab workouts once too, and says that hip hop, because it comes from so many different areas of dance, is "by far, the most fitness-oriented form of dance." Shaun's own ab exercise videos are informed by his hip hop dance training, and offer modifications for those just starting out too.