Best Beginners Six Pack Abs Workouts

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Your six pack abs workout comes alive with music.

Inject your six pack abs workouts with fun by cranking the tunes. Think about it: The best way to get a six pack is by transforming the workout into an experience that will draw you in. Blasting music through your beginner ab workouts is a bit like sonic anesthesia; it will aid in numbing the pain! For your ab exercise DVDs, you can even make a special playlist of your favorite heart-pumping pop, or angry power-rock, to blare as you work out.

Adding music to your six pack abs workouts is a particular advantage of home workout programs. This is a great way to get a six pack, so surround yourself with sounds that'll inspire you to keep pushing through that very first abs workout. One beginner abs workout that's already programmed with fun music is Chalene Johnson's TurboFire®. Her ab exercise videos—in fact, all of the routines in TurboFire—are pumped with high-energy club hits to make the exercises go down a little easier.

If you're just starting six pack abs workouts, in fact, try picking a program that's not all about abs. Programs focusing on the best way to get a six pack alone can be relentless on your ab muscles, and your mental state. Choose beginner ab workouts that give your mind and body a break from that area. TurboFire blends ab exercise videos with intense cardio routines and stretching as well.

A secret tip for six pack abs workouts when you're just starting out: Never fear, resistance bands are here! One of the best ways to get a six pack in your initial workouts is with these easy-to-find and inexpensive tools that ensure you're hitting the proper form during your exercises, and you can also use them to add resistance to your beginner ab workouts, so you're always pushing to the next level. Many beginner ab workouts from Beachbody® utilize them. TurboFire's abs exercise DVD, Core 20, puts them to good use every time, and you'll find them a secret weapon to rip those abs!