Ab Routines and Core Routines

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Take a break in ab routines for better abs.

Conquering barriers in ab routines can be difficult. But knowing how to get abs past the beginning stage of your workout and into the intermediate stage is important if you want to reach ripped and shredded status. Ab workout videos should help you break through those beginners' plateaus. Another abdominal exercise idea is to simply give those muscles a break; below you'll see what we mean.

First, a little history about ab routines. Coaches thought they knew how to get abs the correct way for many years. Trainers and ab workout videos said that the road to great abs was a daily endeavor. Abdominal exercises should be worked all the time, the experts believed then.

We now know ab routines shouldn't be done so frequently. Trainers believed you could get abs worked without fatiguing them, unlike the other muscle groups we work out. Ab workout DVDs, such as P90X® and 10-Minute Trainer®, now relay the current understanding that ab muscles are not less immune to fatigue than any other muscle group. So abdominal exercises should be staggered, we now know. And the best ab workouts give the abs their rest, just like your legs, arms, chest and back, and cardiovascular system.

Current ab routine philosophy says it's better to work those abs hard, to complete exhaustion. And trainers who know how to get abs now say that after you work those abs hard, take a day off. In the P90X program, abdominal workout DVDs are rotated with cardio DVDs, and videos that sharpen your agility and build other muscles. Rotating abdominal exercises like this gives them the time they need for full recovery.