Ab Routines and Core Routines

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In your time off from ab routine work, focus on shredding something else.

Rotating your ab routines with other workouts can get you to those ripped results faster. This is how to get abs, say the experts now. So put those ab workout DVDs on the shelf for a day, and leave them there. Resist that temptation to crunch, stretch, or otherwise work your abs; yes, we know it will take some discipline, but you can do it!

Taking time off from ab routines doesn't mean sitting out exercises for the day. P90X®, INSANITY®, and other Beachbody® workouts know how to get abs: It's through variation, so use the abs-day-off to focus on something else. A great addition to ab workout videos is an intensive (and fun) cardio workout. Cardio, in between abdominal exercises, is a smart match, as a high-powered cardio workout will help shed more of that body fat from your middle.

Some ab routines are included within energetic cardio programs. Chalene Johnson knows how to get abs in top shape, for sure. Johnson's TurboFire® includes ab workout videos in her overall plan. These abdominal exercises are spliced with a unique cardio routine that combines kicking, punching, and lots of music. So follow your best ab workout with some fat-shedding cardio, and you're bound to see more definition for your burgeoning six pack.

Returning to your ab routine after your day off, make it burn even harder! Rest is how to get abs fully recovered. Now, plug in those ab workout DVDs, and with rest over, you should be ready to go, and go with more fire. So during your abdominal exercises, make sure that you're increasing the intensity to get to that next, sexy washboard-stomach level!