Best Ab Routines and Ab Workouts

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In ab routines, add more activity for better abs.

Ab routines don't exist in a physical fitness vacuum. Another key to great abs as you push into the intermediate level of your training is adding some activity outside of your abs training. Supplement those ab workout DVDs with some daily biking. Not only will your abdominal exercises benefit from, say, a bike ride to work, your whole body will as well.

Some walking, alongside your ab routines, will help too. We all know how to get abs through exercises, but most people don't know that small additions in daily activity can aid in shredding extra ounces for a more sculpted you. So, follow your ab workout videos, start a daily jaunt to work, and then when you get there, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Abdominal exercises can work wonders for your core, but did you know that walking those stairs is a great low impact workout that burns a lot of calories? A 150-pound person can burn 7 calories a minute walking up the stairs. Any small amount helps you shred those abs. The best ab workouts will spur you to take on further physical challenges every day. (New York Times)

Pushing through new ab routines on the intermediate level may also bring on hunger and spur you to snack more. Another secret of how to get abs ripped is called the push away. Some ab workout DVDs will tell you that your improvement is based solely on the exercises. But abdominal exercises alone won't cut it—that is, cut you, where you want to be ripped and chiseled. The best ab workout coaches, like Beachbody's Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, and Shaun T, will also tell you to make sure you're watching what you eat. That core routine is all for naught, and that six-pack has less of a chance of popping, if you're still piling on the food!