Beginners Six Pack Abs Workouts

Beginners Ab Exercise Videos and Core DVDs, Best Way to Get a Six Pack

Starting an abs workout? It's important to stretch and warm up!

Prepare for six pack ab workouts just like you'd prepare for a long run, a big circuit workout, or other cardio or strength program. You'll find that the best way to get a six pack is with a body ready to go, and you're less likely to encounter injury as well. Advanced to beginner ab workouts recommend this, too. Even the intense ab exercise DVD in Beachbody's INSANITY® program includes a warm-up jog!

Another surefire six pack abs workout tip is a simple one: Remember to rest! How can the best way to get a six pack be to rest, you ask? When you're starting your beginner ab workout, you envision your tummy gone and replaced by a shimmering washboard stomach. So, for your ab exercise videos, you're likely fired up to blast through the routine. But for great core training, you've got to give your body time to adjust to the new regime, and that means allotting rest periods in between sets. (Example: One of the best workout DVDs, P90X®, includes a terrific Ab Ripper X workout, but the program also includes a Yoga X workout to do while on a break from ab ripping. Yes, that's right, extreme yoga!)

If you're starting a six pack ab workout for the first time, too, it's important to cut yourself some mental slack. You're on your way to getting a six pack, but realize that you're just starting out, and there's a substantial road ahead. Between sets in your beginner ab workouts, remind yourself that you didn't gain that belly overnight. It's going to take ab exercise videos, and several days and nights to start seeing results, and that's just how it is.

Right now, your six pack abs workouts are all about making it through. The best way to get through your first six pack routine is to do what you can, like Tony Horton says, "Do your best and forget the rest." The best beginner ab workouts also realize this and provide motivation, not just drills. The ab exercise videos in the Beachbody® suite of programs are linked to the Team Beachbody® Message Boards, where you can find encouragement, and get your questions answered quickly by trainers and peers, who are also on that journey to great abs!