Leg Workout Routines to Build Muscle

Best Home Workout Routines and How to Build Muscle, Weight Lifting Workout Routines

During workout routines to build muscle, keep those legs churning.

Workout routines to build muscle in the legs must overcome the plateau effect, in which the same exercise stops getting results. Home workout routines that become stale and stop getting results quickly become former home workout routines. The best workout routines rely on Muscle Confusion™, the mixing of type and intensity of exercises to trick the muscle into growing faster. Home workout routines that employ a series of workout DVDs offer more success because the leg muscles never kick into coast in which they become comfortable. Home workouts should attack your weaknesses, because improvement is more dramatic and will motivate you to keep going.

Workout routines to build muscle in the lower body are important, as fitness expert Tony Horton notes on P90X®, because the legs are some of the most used muscles. Learning how to build muscle is great for the beach, but what you really want is better legs for skiing, or skateboarding, or playing softball, or just a long day of shopping. The best workout routines are going to give you the legs to carry you where you want to go and look good getting there.

Workout routines to build muscle in legs are great for home workouts because you can take advantage of nature's weight set: gravity. Workout videos by Horton and Shaun T coach you through intense variations of lunges, kicks, squats, and jumps until your quads are screaming and your calves are crying. Workout routines to build muscle under their guidance include periods of rest for the leg muscles to recover and grow stronger, before blasting them again and pushing your vertical leap to new heights.

Workout routines to build muscle are even more intense with the addition of equipment such as resistance bands, good for beginner, intermediate, or advanced home workouts. The best workout routines pile on the muscle by adding extra resistance to each movement. Weight lifting workout routines for men and women gallop past plateaus with the addition of ankle weights, like those available at Beachbody®. When your home workout with weights is done, you'll feel like you're walking on air for the rest of the day.