Upper Body Workout Routines to Build Muscle

Best Home Workout Routines to Build Muscle and Weight Lifting Workout Routines

Workout routines to build muscle sculpt your upper body.

Workout routines to build muscle can be divided primarily into exercises designed to build lean muscle and power muscle, particularly when working with the upper body. Weight training exercises designed for power and strength develop bulky muscles, while the best workout routines for lean muscles deliver speed and stamina. Pick the home workout routine for the kind of body you want and then go after it. Workout routines for men and women depend on whether you're training for a particular sport or just want a specific look. The best workout routines increase athleticism because the goal is functional fitness, where your muscles don't just look pretty, but can carry you through any adventure.

Workout routines to build muscle start with Muscle Confusion™, the advanced technique of mixing up your home workouts to keep your muscles challenged. The best workout routines deliver exercises varying in intensity, duration, and function to avoid the leveling off of your growth, known as the plateau effect. Home workout routines can be just as intense and effective as gym workouts without any special equipment, as long as you are being pushed past that last rep you thought you could do. Weight training exercises with simple products such as resistance bands and dumbbell sets as found at Beachbody®can build muscle for advanced athletes as well as beginners.

Workout routines to build muscle are most effective when they are complementary, such as working shoulders and chest, or biceps and triceps. The best workout routines, as displayed in the workout video 10-Minute Trainer® by fitness expert Tony Horton, employ Horton's Super Stacking™ Technique, the use of multiple muscle groups in the same workout routine. Workout DVDs often want to focus on abs or shoulders or biceps, but true fitness doesn't come from working muscle groups in isolation.

Workout routines to build muscles often center on machines or equipment, but you can put gravity to work to make your body stronger. The home workout routines presented by exercise guru Shaun T in the INSANITY® workout videos will make your muscles cry in pain and thank you later. Learning how to build muscle is centered on nonstop intervals of plyometric drills that use the most effective piece of equipment you have: your will. The home workout routines use your body to define your body, and you do a variety of exercises against nature's powerhouse: gravity.