Upper Body Workout Routines to Build Muscle

Best Home Workout Routines to Build Muscle and Weight Lifting Workout Routines

Your workout routines to build muscle must focus on the results you want.

Workout routines to build muscle should always start with your core, because a strong core is the foundation of all other exercise programs. Your weight lifting workout routines will improve dramatically if you strengthen the muscles in the center of your body, that is, your abdominals and back, giving you stability for the rest of your workout routines. As you begin your home workouts, consider the kind of body you want your weight training exercises to create.

For a fitter look, workout routines to build muscle should focus on lighter sets and lots of repetitions. The best workout routines in sets of more than 10 repetitions tighten and tone, building speed and endurance. Tony Horton, on the workout video P90X®, uses a combination of exercises to firm and strengthen the muscles in the arms and shoulders. These workout routines to build muscle require only a small space, a set of dumbbells or resistance bands, a pull up bar, and about an hour a day.

For big guns, workout routines to build muscle focus on heavier sets with fewer repetitions. Weight lifting workout routines for building massive muscle are built on short reps of extreme weight, usually sets of one to five reps. Giving advice on how to build muscle, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that strengthening exercises need to be done until you'd have difficulty doing another rep. Or as Horton might put it, you find "The Line," your discomfort threshold, and push past it. (But always be careful not to push into injury.)

Workout routines to build muscle in the upper body are a means to sculpt the look you want, whether it's for your favorite sport or your favorite outfit. In his workout videos, Tony Horton encourages functional training so you can actually do something with all those muscles. The muscular body from weight training exercises is a sign of fitness and health that all can see, but the best motivation comes from internals such as feeling better, having more energy, and generally being happier with your condition. Talking about how to build muscle, Tony Horton says, "Forget 'I can't.' Say: 'I presently struggle with.'" The best weight training exercises start with a challenge, and then you beat it and raise the bar again.