Total Body Workout Routines and Circuit Training

Total Body Strength Workout Routines and Best Home Workout Routines, Exercise Routines

Hitting all the regions of the body with total body workout routines.

Total body workout routines that utilize a circuit require knowledge of a variety of exercises, so that you can keep switching it up to create the Muscle Confusion™ that promotes growth. Workout videos like P90X® from fitness guru Tony Horton, TurboFire® from expert trainer Chalene Johnson, and INSANITY® from trained athlete Shaun T operate on the understanding that high-intensity intervals of exercise performed in succession are the fastest way to your fitness goals. Total body workouts for men and women on these workout DVDs combine muscle-focused exercises in fast-paced series for the greatest fat burning results during and after the workout.

A great total body workout routine starts with the push up, a favorite workout for the chest and arms that can be done without weights. Strength workout routines use many variations on the push up that depend on the placement of the hands and legs, and include equipment such as chairs or Tony Horton's PowerStands®, which can be used by advanced, intermediate, or beginner athletes. Circuit exercise routines should have at least two varieties of push ups with sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Total body workout routines give the chest and arms extra work with a station using dumbbells or resistance bands. The best workout routines will include at least one station of curls for the biceps and another of shoulder presses, which can have varied impact depending on your grip and range of motion. A strength workout routine of 15 reps will build endurance while getting your heart pumping.

Total body workout routines can't ignore the lower body. Home workouts can attack the legs in a number of ways, from high-knee running in place for a minute, to the kind of explosive leaping taught by Shaun T, and the kicks demonstrated by Johnson on TurboFire. Weight training routines can throw in such things as lunges while holding heavy weights. The best workout routines will firm up the muscles in your calves, legs, and butt through a variety of motions.

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