Home Workout Routines and Proper Technique

Men's and Women's Exercise Routines Without Weights, and Home Strength Training Routines

Home workout routines with proper technique wring the most from every exercise.

Home workout routines without weights that burn fat and tone your body are dependent on exercises from pushups to leaps to crunches. But if you don't do exercise without weights with proper form and technique, you're just spinning your wheels to no effect, or worse, you'll end up hobbled up, slowed down, and couch-bound waiting for injuries to heal. Home workout routines require even more attention to detail, especially for beginners, because there is no instructor there to correct you when you use incorrect form in your workout routines to lose weight.

Technique is key to home workout routines without weights that are effective more quickly while increasing true power. Vary your strength training without weights by small alterations in the placement of your hands or feet during exercises. Tony Horton's workout DVDs with P90X® have dozens of ways to do pushups, from placement of hands in or out, to raising a leg, to dropping a knee, to off-setting the hands. Workout videos should give detailed instructions about how to place your body and which muscles should feel the burn, so that you know you're doing the exercise correctly. In the best workout DVDs, look for a trainer track that explains proper technique. Equally important in exercise routines for men and women is the use of Muscle Confusion™, switching up the exercises to keep your muscles from getting lazy with the same old challenge. For the right form in your home workout, you also might want to invest in a mirror so you can ensure you're doing the moves correctly.

INSANITY Home workout routines without weights add a kick with high-intensity interval training, in which exercises are performed in short bursts at maximum capacity. These exercise routines for women and men require precise techniques to deliver the best burn. Shaun T on INSANITY® workout videos teaches exercises for women and men that utilize leaping, running in place, and working on the ground to help strip away fat and create advanced results. Follow these home workout routines carefully, because when you cheat the exercise, you're just cheating yourself and wasting your workout time.

Improving your home workout routines without weights requires advanced techniques that you didn't learn from a high school sports coach. Workout DVDs in Chalene Johnson's TurboFire® series are more than just exercises; these workouts are dances, kicks and punches, and stretches that move to an inspirational beat. Repeat workout videos to review the technique over and over until you master it. The best workout videos tell you how to do strength training workouts as a beginner, and how to modify and increase the challenge through intermediate all the way to advanced.