Home Workout Routines and Proper Technique

Men's and Women's Exercise Routines Without Weights, and Home Strength Training Routines

Bad form during home workout routines only cheats you.

During home workout routines without weights, go at the pace that allows you to perform the exercise properly and with good form. Home workout routines done improperly lead to strained muscles, torn ligaments, and injured joints that put you on the couch rather than on the beach showing off. When strength training without weights, it's important to recognize the difference between good pain when the muscle is working hard, and the bad pain when you're injuring yourself.

At some point in home workout routines without weights, you're going to be tired, and the temptation is going to be to drop a hip, arch your back, or sag your knees. Home workouts don't have the advantage of a trainer tapping you when you slip, but workout DVDs geared toward teaching give examples of bad form and how to correct it. Once workout videos teach you where you should expect to feel the burn, you'll know you're slipping if you feel pain or strain in the wrong places. Lazy form during strength training without weights is worse than just not doing the exercise, because not only are you no longer getting benefit, but also if you twist too much in the wrong way to avoid the burn, you risk damaging ligaments and joints. The best workout routines to lose weight are jazzed up with high intensity intervals to really get the heart racing, but you still have to hold the form that challenges the muscles.

TurboFire Wring more out of home workout routines without weights with advanced techniques revealed on the workout videos of the experts. Workout routines to lose weight that only burn calories while you're doing them miss the mark. Workout videos like the high intensity interval training with fitness guru Chalene Johnson in TurboFire® will show you advanced techniques to call up an afterburn that keeps burning calories after the exercise has ended.

Repeat home workout routines without weights until muscle memory locks the form in perfectly—and then, of course, it'll mean you're moving on to new exercises to increase the weight loss with Muscle Confusion™. Workout videos such as P90X2® with expert Tony Horton remind you to think while you're doing exercises without weights, because you have to be conscious where each body part is moving, where each muscle is receiving the maximum benefit from the exercise. Tony Horton's workout videos on synergistics have the added advantage of teaching you exercise techniques that relate to actual motions you use in your daily life, while cleaning the house or caring for the yard. And remember, the most important workout without weights technique of all: Don't hold your breath. Passing out mid-exertion is a surefire way to injure yourself.