6 Pack Workout Routines on Video and DVD

How to Get 6 Pack Abs, Advanced Ab Workout Videos and DVDs, and Intense Ab Workout Programs

Get a training partner to help you push your abs ahead!

Another 6 pack workout routine tip: Get a second opinion. A buddy will see how to get 6 pack abs in your new workout too, so you can learn together. Taking up those ab workout DVDs together also affords each partner the chance to observe each other's form. Advanced ab workouts can be tricky, as you're building upon your previous core exercises, so another set of eyes helps.

Working a new 6 pack ab workout with a friend also can ensure that you both stay injury free when you support each other. You want to get 6 pack abs, not a back injury. During the ab workout DVDs, you've got step-by-step instructions, and your buddy there to correct you if it looks like you're messing up before you injure yourself.

The next tip for those 6 pack workout routines is to find DVDs with trainer tracks. Trainer Tony Horton tells you how to get pack abs, whatever your fitness level, when you hit the trainer track mode of P90X® and 10-Minute Trainer®. The ab workout videos included in these and other Beachbody® programs like INSANITY® and TurboFire® are filled with adjustment tips, too. The trainer track turns advanced ab workouts into ab workouts that rip your abs in ways unimaginable, for advanced level ab workouts that challenge even the most rock-hard abs.

A final 6 pack workout tip: just remember, even those perfect fitness models' abs aren't always perfect for you. Go ahead and dream of 6 pack abs that look like those ripped celebrities and shirtless shredded pro athletes you see everywhere. But they work ab workout DVDs and other routines long and hard to stay that way. For your advanced ab workouts, it's good to keep an aspirational abs image in your head, but make sure it's a realistic fit to your body, and you'll meet your goals in a healthy and grounded mental state.