Home Workout Routines and Variety

Men's and Women's Home Exercise Without Weights, Strength Training and Workout Routines

Home workout routines thrive on variety to build muscle.

Home workout routines without weights aren't limited to the same old boring push ups and sit ups you learned to do in gym class. Strength training without weights can be exciting, varied, and challenging once you discover the new ways to tax those muscles. Workouts without weights are the best kind because you can do them anywhere and anytime, and they don't require a lot of costly and space-consuming equipment. Workout routines to lose weight are a waste of time if you're not building muscle, but you don't need iron weights to put steel in your muscles.

The key to home workout routines without weights is "daily undulating periodization" as the scientists call it, or as fitness guru Tony Horton more famously calls it: Muscle Confusion™, the advanced technique of switching up workout routines to keep the body from adapting and leveling off its growth. But exercise without weights calls for creativity because you can't just up the poundage when you want to tax those muscles. It's not enough to have intense home workout routines; you have to change up the exercises because a recent study by a research team from the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse has shown that Muscle Confusion is the key to getting results.

Muscle Confusion in home workout routines without weights is the scientific way to wring the most from your workout. Studying exercise routines for women and men, University of Wisconsin researcher Dr. John Porcari says "The Muscle Confusion—that's one of the biggest draws because you don't get bored, you're doing a lot of different workouts in a different sequence and your body never gets a chance to plateau." Losing focus in home workout routines is easy if you're trying to do the same dull series of push ups and sit ups every day because your body and your mind feel bored. It's essential that exercise without weights mixes it up.

Home workout routines without weights take advantage of the weight of your own body, and some furniture or maybe a chin up bar. You will know exercise without weights doesn't mean easy when you try to do a push up with your feet on the couch and your hands wide, or an offset-grip chin up without using a chair, and feel those muscles scream. Strength training without weights is about overloading your muscles to the point of failure (but not injury), and your muscles don't care how you do it. But doing workouts without weights takes knowledge of the body gained from years of study or some helpful instruction from fitness masters such as Chalene Johnson in TurboFire®, Tony Horton in 10-Minute Trainer® and P90X®, and Shaun T in INSANITY®.