Home Workout Routines and Variety

Men's and Women's Home Exercise Without Weights, Strength Training and Workout Routines

Mix up the intensity of home workouts without weights.

Spice up home workout routines without weights by learning a variety of exercises from experts who have used the best science to develop workout DVDs that produce success. Shaun T is a testament to exercise without weights, embodying the power of max interval training on his INSANITY® program. His home workout routines using plyometrics can have you begging for mercy. Chalene Johnson teaches exercise for women and men that gets you lean and tight, and then kicks it up a notch with her unique fire drills on TurboFire®. Tony Horton delivers strength training without weights in a short time through his 10-Minute Trainer® that harnesses the power of the Super Stacking™ Technique, working multiple muscles at the same time.

Home workout routines without weights include isometric exercises, in which the body remains static while under strain, and dynamic exercises, in which the muscle meets resistance through a range of motions. Isometric exercise routines for men and women include such things as holding a sitting position against a wall, or even just holding a spot midway through a pushup, while dynamic exercise covers anything where the body is moving. Dynamic exercises in home workouts are better for improving power and speed during motion, while isometric exercises are the choice for increasing maximum strength in the muscle. Strength training without weights needs isometrics, because these exercises use muscle fibers at the point of hold that aren't used in dynamic exercises, increasing the overall strength of the muscle through ranges.

Home workout routines without weights are not just hyped up aerobics for beginners. Workout routines to lose weight that include resistance will build your cardio at the same time as producing fat burning muscles. With advanced home workout routines, you earn lean muscles without having to find a place to stow a bunch of floor-scratching, toe-banging, expensive weights.

Home workout routines without weights can be done anywhere once you know the moves. The best exercise routines for men and women are ones that can be done every day, no matter where you are. Learn strength training without weights, and you can be pumping up, whether in your living room, or visiting your grandma, or camping in the wilderness. Your exercise routine is never farther than your own two hands and feet.