Home Workout Routines, and Rest and Recovery

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Home workout routines must include rest and recovery.

Whether it's an upper body workout routine or a lower body workout routine, if your muscles don't have a chance to heal, they won't grow. In home workout routines, planning for rest periods—both during the workout and between workout routines to build muscle—is a key to success.

Home workout routines with weights operate on the simple understanding that muscles grow stronger with use, but your muscles need at least 48 hours of non-use to repair and recover for growth. (Men's Health Magazine) There are three kinds of strength training workouts—muscle contraction, muscle lengthening, and isometric—but they all operate on the principle of challenging the body to do more than it could the day before. Workout routines to build muscle stress and break down the muscle fibers, and amazingly they repair themselves to come back bigger and stronger in a process NASA scientists don't completely understand yet, but is easy to take advantage of with properly timed rest. Your home workout routine with weights creates overload on the muscles and your body responds by building a bigger, stronger muscle as long as you give it the rest it needs.

Old-fashioned home workout routines with weights are built on the notion that you have the same upper body workout one day and the same lower body workout routine the next day. But that kind of strength training workout is inefficient. For real workout routines to build muscle, challenge yourself with Muscle Confusion™, the constant changing of the exercises to keep the body growing and adapting. Home workouts with a variety of exercises mean you don't have to waste a day resting half your body, but instead can mix up types of workouts every day to keep the awesome results coming. Workout videos by fitness guru Tony Horton walk you through a home workout routine that alternates days of advanced total body resistance training with intense aerobic-related exercises such as yoga, kenpo, and stretching, so that while your major muscles are recovering, you're still burning calories and getting fitter.

You won't derive much from home workout routines with weights if your recovery period doesn't include plenty of sleep, the most important recovery period of all for men and women. A researcher at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Laboratory has shown that basketball players are able to improve their performance by getting more sleep. The study concludes that sleep is important to peak athletic performance, not only for alertness but also muscle recovery. Workout routines to build muscle aren't just about being a tough guy; these workouts are about taking care of your body with proper and well-timed rest to improve your overall fitness.