Home Workout Routines, and Rest and Recovery

Home Dumbbell Workout Routines, Upper Body and Lower Body Dumbbell Workout Routines

Home workout routines with weights need little rests too.

Muscle building in home workout routines with weights tires your muscles out through three variables: weight, reps, and intensity, or how much rest time you give yourself during the exercise. Intense strength training workouts require well-timed rest during the exercise as well as between days of exercise. Too much rest in your workout routine to build muscle and your muscles don't get sufficiently tired; not enough rest and the muscles don't recover enough to lift enough weight to promote progress. (Men's Health Magazine) Workout videos such as P90X® with Tony Horton, TurboFire® with Chalene Johnson, and INSANITY® with Shaun T operate on the principle of getting just enough rest between periods of exercise for a swig of water and to write down your progress, about a minute. So for an upper body workout routine, you might do a long set of a dumbbell workout routine with only brief pauses, and then a short break, before going into your next upper body workout routine to work a different set of muscles.

Rest during home workout routines with weights isn't just about catching your breath during a dumbbell workout routine. In his workout videos, Tony Horton encourages taking pauses so that you can regain your form, because quality is better than quantity. But it's important during home workout routines to resume right away after a brief halt, so you don't lose the progress you've made in breaking down those muscle fibers to build your new body.

During home workout routines with weights, you also need longer recovery breaks between high intensity periods of exercise. The best workout DVDs present programs with prescribed periods of intense exercise lasting several weeks, followed by recovery periods of a week. Don't let the names of home workouts fool you: Chalene Johnson's TurboFire EZ Class and INSANITY's Cardio Recovery led by Shaun T will still have you sweating through workout routines to lose weight.

The home workout routines with weights included in DVDs like Tony Horton's P90X series are built on three phases to muscle growth: the adaptive stage in which the body learns an exercise, the mastery phase in which the body responds and changes, and the recovery phase when healing occurs, increasing the strength. The recovery phase of strength training workouts doesn't mean slacking off the dumbbell workout routine or giving the upper body workout a pass. Instead, the workout videos lead you through a break in heavy resistance training by using lighter exercises, letting the small tears in the muscles heal so you can come back stronger and harder.