Home Workout Routines With Weights and Dumbbells

Home Dumbbell Workout Routines, Lower and Upper Body Workout Routines

Dumbbells are ideal for home workout routines with weights.

Home workout routines with weights don't have to mean 7-foot barbells and 45-pound plates with a weight bench or a squat rack. A dumbbell workout routine can do everything a barbell can but with more control and safety. Strength training workouts using dumbbells are preferred by the Air Force Academy because dumbbells develop athletes, not just weightlifters. (National Strength and Conditioning Association) When considering workout routines to build muscle, know that dumbbells are the best option for also increasing coordination and stability through a greater range of motion.

Men and women favor home workout routines with weights because building muscle revs up the metabolism and burns calories. When studying workout routines to lose weight, researchers have used mice in studies that have demonstrated that resistance training increases type II muscle fibers, which burn fat and improve your metabolism. With a dumbbell workout routine, home workouts incorporate muscle-building resistance exercises as a natural way to tune up your body's system. Workout routines to lose weight are supercharged with the addition of new muscle.

When looking at options for home workout routines for weights, it's time to embrace the dumbbell. Home workout routines that add in a resistance component with dumbbells deliver a better workout than you could find on the complicated machines at the gym. Dumbbell workout routines can more accurately target muscles than barbell or machine exercise routines and deliver quicker results than calisthenics or aerobics-only exercise programs. Strength training workouts using dumbbells require more stabilizing muscles to control the dumbbell than with a barbell, increasing your muscular control and body movement awareness.

Home workout routines with weights become more than just muscle builders if you turn to dumbbells. Because using dumbbells in workout routines to build muscle challenges stabilizing muscles more, you can help build up protection for your joints. Dumbbell workout routines enlist the whole body to stabilize the weight, improving your core strength and posture, and protecting you from back and shoulder sprains. The best workout routines to build muscle also strengthen your bones and raise your cardio ability. (University of Arizona)