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Catch the beat in home exercise videos.

If you've ever watched home exercise videos, you already know the power of the right beat. Exercise DVDs with great tunes spend time on your TV while home workout videos with bad music selections spend more time on your shelf. Home exercise routines are made easier with thumping beats propelling you along, but that's not the only reason to pair good music with your extreme home fitness exercise videos.

Home exercise videos with good music actually crawl inside you and help you physically, according to studies. (American Heart Association® (AHA)) The music in cardio exercise videos affects your cardiorespiratory system—increasing heart rate and tempo with the beat—before you take the first step, according to a study by doctors in Italy. Listening to joyful music actually increases your vascular health, according to a study at the University of Maryland Medical Center. (AHA)

Just listening to home exercise videos with the best music is helping you (although you get much better results if you actually move off the couch), according to studies. If you enjoy the music found on home workout videos, it actually can lower your blood pressure, according to a study by researchers at Osaka University in Japan. (WebMD) A big goal of home exercise routines is to lower blood pressure, and you can take the first steps just by liking the music.

The reverse is true with home exercise videos as well: Bad music makes the workout worse. Whether you're doing cardio exercise videos or abs exercises, music you don't like will actually make the workout seem harder and decrease your performance, according to a study of cycling at the São Paulo State University Department of Physical Education. (National Center for Biotechnology Information) Extreme home fitness exercise videos such as Shaun T's INSANITY® and Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer® are known for their energizing music selections, but they still have an added feature where you can turn off the music while leaving on the rest of the sound, allowing you to substitute your own favorite tunes. The best exercise program is going to be the one that has a beat you can sweat to.