Beginners' Exercise DVDs

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Several things to look for in exercise videos for beginners.

The search is on for exercise videos for beginners, but do you even know what you are looking for? Exercise DVDs cover everything from mixed martial arts training to jazzercise, with a healthy sprinkling of quackery, fakery, and gimmicks. Finding fat burning exercises in a program that fits you can be a major calorie burner in itself, if you want to burn your calories through frustration and irritation. Instead, find the best workout DVDs for you by considering these criteria.

Start the hunt for exercise videos for beginners with an understanding of what exactly you hope to get out of home exercise videos. Are you looking for strength training exercises for mammoth muscles or fat burning exercises to trim down? Do you need cardio videos to be ready to run a marathon or are you looking for exercise routines for general fitness? Exercise DVDs can have sport-specific training or offer exercise programs with hip dance moves.

Exercise videos for beginners are going to become your new workout coach, so know what kind of workout coach you respond to. (WebMD) Workout videos for beginners can be led by drill sergeants or laid-back life coaches, patient teachers or hyper cheerleaders. Do you want workout videos with the enthusiasm of Tony Horton, such as his P90X® and 10-Minute Trainer®, or with the intensity of Shaun T on INSANITY®? Perhaps home exercise videos with the kickboxing energy of Chalene Johnson's TurboFire® are more to your liking. The best workout DVDs push your buttons to encourage the most effort for exercise routines. Home exercise videos led by some famous actor might look nice, but does that person really have the experience of a personal trainer such as Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, or Shaun T?

Exercise videos for beginners shouldn't come with a lot of equipment demands. Exercise programs that require a complete gym before you even start are just wasting your money. The best workout DVDs give you intense strength training exercises with a minimum of gear. Home exercise videos such as P90X, 10-Minute Trainer, and TurboFire come with resistance bands—an excellent option for resistance training—and the exercise routines require little else. The exercise routines on INSANITY don't need any equipment at all to whip you into insane shape.