Beginners' Exercise DVDs

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Get started with the right exercise videos for beginners.

The overriding purpose of exercise videos for beginners is to get you started exercising and keep you exercising. The wrong exercise DVDs could short circuit your desire to do exercise routines for better fitness. Weak workout videos for beginners, little more than souped up cardio videos, won't move you past the most basic level of exercise. Fat burning exercises have to ramp up the intensity and change the approach for real results while keeping you motivated.

Detailed instructions in exercise videos for beginners are one of the keys to success. Workout videos for beginners should spend time demonstrating proper form for exercise routines, with tips on which muscles an exercise should be challenging and which pains mean you're doing it wrong. The best workout DVDs, such as P90X® by Tony Horton, TurboFire® by Chalene Johnson, and INSANITY® by Shaun T, come with booklets and training materials, both to instruct and to detail your progress.

Exercise videos for beginners that include nutrition information are even better. Fat burning exercises are far more effective when combined with fat burning diets. Exercise programs such as INSANITY, TurboFire, and P90X include detailed instructions on tasty meals so that you enjoy full nutrition in the right-sized portions. The right foods enhance strength training exercises, fueling greater exertions and muscle growth.

The real test of exercise videos for beginners comes when you become an intermediate or even advanced athlete. Can the exercise DVDs grow with you? Home exercise videos such as P90X are popular with beginners because Tony Horton shows how to do easier versions of his advanced exercise routines. As you progress with the exercise programs you can gradually increase the difficulty level on exercises. The best workout DVDs and cardio videos continue to challenge you even as your fitness level improves. Home exercise videos that are fun and upbeat, such as Johnson's TurboFire, have the added bonus of making you want to come back as you improve.