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Several things the best exercise DVDs do for parents.

The best exercise DVDs give you a reason to work out, a goal to strive for. Sure, the best exercise programs promise rock-hard abs and sculpted arms and shoulders to entice you, saying they can make you look like a model. But the best workout DVDs if you are a parent are the ones that are going to help you keep up with your child, giving you the total fitness to tackle your real life when you're not posing on the beach. If you're judging home workouts on how they'll help you attain your real life goals, here are a few things to look for.

The best exercise DVDs will include intense cardio workouts to shape up your heart and cardiovascular system. You need cardio DVDs to ready you for when your kid bolts for the road and you have to chase him down, or when she wants to play her 60th game of catch-me-if-you-can. The best exercise programs will make it fun to run and play with your child, rather than an exhausting chore. The best workout DVDs, such as Chalene Johnson's TurboFire®, include high intensity intervals for those sudden bursts of speed you need when your beloved child tilts the glass bowl off the shop shelf or nearly takes a tumble from the monkey bars.

The best exercise DVDs for raising kids include resistance training, and we're not talking about training for their resistance to eating vegetables or cleaning up their room. No, you need upper body exercises to build strength to pick up an unruly child, or carry a grocery bag and a squirming toddler at the same time. You need lower body exercises for climbing stairs with toddler in tow, or to stay on your feet for hours at a time. Your home workouts need to build the muscle strength to wrestle your home into compliance.

Core workouts are key to the best exercise DVDs for taking care of children. Core exercises keep you stable—physically if not mentally—by strengthening the muscles of your stomach and lower back. The best exercise programs involve twisting and turning with weights, kind of like getting a toddler into a car seat or steering a young child to bed. The best workout DVDs, such as Tony Horton's P90X®, include sections specifically on building the core muscles, the foundation for so many other activities. Core exercises will help you stand up from the floor with a kid in your hands.