Best Exercise Programs and Workout DVDs

Best Home Workout and Cardio DVDs, Weight Loss Exercises, and Upper Body Exercises

The best exercise videos are hard to put down.

The best exercise DVDs know the need for high intensity interval training to step up the fat burning. Supercharge weight loss exercises with short blasts of intense output, which increase the calorie burn and also continue to burn calories after you are at rest. The home workouts of Chalene Johnson, such as TurboFire®, call these Fire Drills, and the expert trainer gets great results in both men and women. "There's no doubt that if people want to get into shape, the best way to do it is with High Intensity Interval Training like you're seeing here with P90X®," says Dr. John Porcari of the University of Washington after testing the calorie burn from Tony Horton's P90X, which works on principles similar to TurboFire. (American Council on Exercise)

The best exercise DVDs with the best upper body exercises, core exercises, and lower body exercises, but a dull or off-putting instructor, are just going to gather dust on your shelf. The best workout DVDs are going to be led by someone who motivates you, through a mix of charisma and exercise knowledge. Home workouts don't have the advantage of a gym instructor in your face, so pick exercise videos with an instructor who has a personality and sincerity that inspires you. For instance, The Wall Street Journal reports that a big part of Tony Horton's appeal is that he is personally trying to overcome fitness obstacles right along with you, making his story one you can copy, while he is being honest about the difficulty of his program. (Wall Street Journal)

As you improve, the best exercise DVDs will push you to the next level. From upper body exercises to lower body exercises, you start out as a beginner, but with the right exercise DVDs, you can keep going through intermediate to advanced. Home workouts in P90X, for instance, show you three different levels of difficulty for most exercises, letting you find your level and showing you how to make the exercises more difficult. (Wall Street Journal)

The best exercise DVDs are not necessarily the best-sellers or the ones led by the biggest celebrity. The best exercise programs are the ones that make realistic promises and then show you how to exceed your goals. The best workout DVDs don't grow stale or too easy, instead continuing to inspire and motivate as your fitness improves. Whether it's weight loss exercises or cardio DVDs, find the exercise videos that meet your needs and offer proven results.