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Ab exercise videos should expand your workout.

Too often abs exercise videos are just variations on common core exercises. Knowing how to get 6 pack abs is as much about fat burning exercises as it is about abs workouts, because the strongest abdominal muscles in the world still disappear under a thin layer of fat. The best abs exercises are part of total body exercise programs that use cardio workouts and strength training to work the core muscles. Here are five great abs workouts masquerading as workouts for other major muscles.

Abs exercise videos are always wanting you down on the floor, but how many sports or daily activities are you doing on the floor? Some of the best abs exercises are done on your feet, using motions you would do in daily life. At the top of the list of how to get 6 pack abs while working the rest of your body is the squat. This abs workout, with its many variations, targets more than 250 muscles, not the least of which are the stabilizing muscles in your lower back and abdominals. (Team Beachbody®) Exercise DVD guru Tony Horton is a huge fan of squats and demonstrates a variety of them with P90X® using your body weight, dumbbells and resistance bands for strength training. At the same time, home exercise videos such as Leandro Carvalho's Brazil Butt Lift® love the squat because of its ability to improve the butt, as demonstrated in tests by San Diego State University. (Team Beachbody)

Abs exercise videos that are too focused on the stomach often miss standing lifts, such as the one-arm lift. Exercise programs usually include routines using balanced weights in each hand or a single bar, but so much of daily life is about dealing with unbalanced weights. Core exercises such as the one-arm lift, also called the suitcase lift, force your abdominals to compensate for the unequal weight, building your abs while also working legs and shoulders.

The best abs exercise videos, such as RevAbs® by Brett Hoebel, promise to work the whole body while making abs the focus, getting you leaner and fitter for better overall fitness. Core exercises link up with nearly every other exercise you do, so that intense home exercise videos for total fitness such as Tony Horton's P90X or Shaun T's INSANITY® have dedicated sections to core workouts. The best abs exercises build a foundation for everything you do.