Ab Workouts, Ab Exercises, and Core Exercises

Home Exercise Videos, Six Pack Ab Exercises, and Core Exercises

Mix abs exercise videos with other lifts.

The key to getting better abs exercise videos is finding DVDs that add total fitness fat burning exercises to the abs workouts. The best abs exercises are really about holding your spine stable. Core exercises are anything that requires the muscles at the center of the body to maintain stability while you are putting stress on them. Abs exercises increase your ability to do all other exercises, even cardio workouts, because you are building a stable platform for all your other lifts and moves.

Add wood chops to your abs exercise video routines, for example, to test the core muscles. This abs workout done with a resistance band mimics the angular twisting and downward motion of chopping wood, strengthening the whole upper body while also tightening the abs. (WebMD) Home exercise videos such as Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer® use this fat burning exercise because you can hit multiple muscles with the same motion.

Abs exercise videos often miss deadlifts, a true power exercise that also buffs the abs. Deadlifts are among the best abs exercises because they work the whole body, from the legs to the shoulders. (WebMD) These core exercises are another favorite of fitness experts such as Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson, creator of TurboFire®, because you're working the body as a unit, making the whole body stronger, rather than the imbalanced results of trying to work muscles in isolation.

Finally, with your abs exercise videos, work in some shoulder presses. Like the other abs workouts on this list, shoulder presses work the abs by forcing them to stabilize your trunk, while at the same time, strengthening the showcase shoulder muscles. This 6 pack abs exercise, though, has the added advantage of improving your posture as you work those back and shoulder muscles, which will help pull your stomach taut and make you look slimmer even before you drop the pounds. (WebMD) The best abs exercises are always about more than just the stomach muscles.